My Two Cents

My First Two Cents

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I’ve held my tongue most of the day today…mainly because I’ve been busy trying to get everything done before Miss N’s surgery tomorrow, but also because I wanted the time to really think about what I wanted to say. Having had the day to stew….this could turn into one of those long winded rants before it’s all over. Consider yourself warned.

I have many different friends. All from different backgrounds. Different beliefs. Different political views. We all remain in Facebook/Twitter land coexisting peacefully….partially because I haven’t been very political (with posts), or outwardly opinionated when it comes to religion. I’m a firm believer that you are welcome to believe whatever you like…as long as you extend me the same opportunity.

Whenever there is something “Shocking” going on in the world, I can always count on my very diverse group of friends to fill my news-feed with various opinions on the subject. This, was no different. Friends on one side have ranted about the attack on Christian beliefs , while those on the other side praised the efforts as a sign of a more tolerant humanity.

Both sides, (and this is rare) managed to strike a nerve with me.

Here’s the thing….. I can remember sitting in church as a child, listening to my youth pastor explain why my Mom should go home and throw away all of my Winnie the Pooh “Everything” because it had been reported that Disneyland had the audacity to hire gay men and women to wear some of their character costumes. It was stupid then in my 10 year old mind…26 years later, it’s still stupid.

As for a more tolerant humanity? Why should my children…or anyone else’s children for that matter have to be “Tolerated” simply because of who they love…or may one day love?

Everyone wants to rant about the damage done to the “Original”…. and yet lyricist Howard Ashman’s personal battle with AIDS helped shape the 1991 animated film. Look it up.

My Seven Little Darlings were excited to see the movie before this story came out…and guess what? Nothing has changed for them.  gasp!  They don’t care that there is a gay character…They just want to see “Hermione Granger” in that marshmallow-puff of a yellow ball gown dancing the night away with her “Beast“.

And you know what? So do I.

Our children get their beliefs from us. A result of our influence. Our parenting.

Not from a fictional story in a movie theater.

Guess that makes this my “First” two-cents.